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Health Care

Health care is conventionally regarded as an important determinant in promoting the general physical and mental health and well-being of people around the world.

Delta Children Village

DCV is a developing village just for children. A place where children can experience being part of an education based, living, learning, sharing and caring community.

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Global Projects And Funding

Moving the nation forward through all inclusiveness


  • To provide adequate nutrition, healthcare and housing among the underpriviledged.
  • To provide holistic approach to the development of all in our communities.
  • To provie representation and platform for the voices of the disadvantaged.
  • To give recognition and inclusion to all, in our shared humanity.
  • To facilitate quality training and education to develop each individual to their full potential.
  • To promote the spread of the gospel adn the spiritual upliftment of christians.

GPF - Vision, Mission & Goals


Ensuring  the establishment of peace, care and love among the vulnerable in society.


To support and create a structure when underpriviledged children are able to grow to become responsible adults in their society


To create space for the disadvantaged to contribute their quota to society with emerging social issues and become functioning and contributing members of society.


GPF Logo

GPF - Our Core Activities


1. Provision of formal and informal education to all children under our care
2. Provision of basic human needs to the disadvantaged ( orphanage home)
3. Provision of quality health care to the underpriviledged in society.
4. Women economic empowerment.
5. Spreading the Word Of God through empowering the youth.
6.Feeding the hungry, that is the helpless on the streets, lepers, aged, juvenile home, orphans and the needy people with all sort of disabilities.
7. We provide guidance and couselling to our clients.
8. We educate and protect the right of the socially disadvantaged group.

Our Work

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About Us

GPF is a Non-Governmental Organization which promotes the welfare of underpriviledged people and children. It facilitates this initiative through social inclusiveness, empowerment and mainstreaming in society that leads to self-reliant and sustainable development.


Dzorwulu, Accra - Ghana
P. O. Box GP 17106,

(+233) 302 731 864

(+233) 243 182 518
Mo-Fr: 10.00 - 18.00