More than one in four young people cannot read in Sub-Saharan Africa today, while by some other recent estimates, nine in 10 children do not acquire minimum reading skills. Standards are slipping, which is putting our global education goal at risk.

Even though the number of children not in school globally stagnated between 2008 and 2015, this doesn’t mean the number going to school is stagnating too. During the same period, 30-million more children enrolled in primary school in Sub-Saharan Africa alone — that’s more than all the children enrolled in primary school in the US. Is it any wonder that standards are slipping?

An education system is not the work of just one person or body. An education system of good quality is a shared responsibility between multiple actors, governments, teachers, schools, parents and the private sector. But governments need to set the example, and introduce clear regulations that lead towards the global education goal. They are the missing link for restoring trust in the education system.

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